Product review: Halfords 60-piece Professional socket set

Halfords 60-piece Professional socket set £39.99 (seven years ago; nearest equivalent is 90-piece set at £89.99)
Miles covered/time: 11 bikes worth of repair/maintenance/seven years

What’s good? For £40 this socket set was a stupendous bargain – 1/4”, 3/8” ratchets, metric, imperial, deep reach and spark plug sockets plus screwdriver/allen bits and extension bars have covered most workshop and pitlane tasks.

The quality is impressive – the chrome vanadium hasn’t corroded (apart from one that spent a year in a pond – don’t ask) and is only now starting to scratch and wear.

The ratchet handles have a nice action, and despite club-fisted use neither has failed. Socket fit is good too.

What’s not? The screwdriver bits are a bit useless on a ratchet handle – attempts to use them have resulted in knackered bolts.

The allen bits are good, but the whole set corroded fairly quickly. The clips on the case break on every set I’ve seen – they’re a new design now, though.

Contact: or your local store.
Rating: 4/5