Kit review: Ortlieb Zip City bag

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Ortlieb Zip City bag, £66
Miles covered/time: 400/one month
What’s good? It brings back fond memories of my childhood paper-round, is as waterproof as a duck and has enough room to accommodate all my daily commuting essentials (so that’s sandwiches, loose change, a woolly hat, old socks and a can of hairspray). The lock-out-style closure is satisfyingly chunky, and does need a reassuringly firm tug to close fully. As long as it’s done up properly, there’s no chance of water getting in there. It also makes me feel like I’m delivering something important, rather than just riding to work.
What’s not? If you don’t squeeze all the air out before closing it fully, you do run the risk of the bag rising up behind you like a bright orange helium balloon. This will be sorted once I get round to fitting the extra retaining chest strap.
Rating: 5/5 

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott