Satnav review: Garmin Oregon 400T

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Garmin Oregon 400T, £399
Miles covered/time:
400 trail miles/two months

What’s good? If you want to navigate green lanes, there are very few options open to you apart from a waterproof map case and stopping regularly. So we worked together with Garmin to use this outdoor specification sat nav on trail bikes.

First impressions are good. It’s designed for walking, cycling, or being on a boat but works equally well on the trails.

We used a basic bracket zip tied to the handlebars. The whole unit uses your typical long-life AA batteries and can be pre-programmed with your route online so that it knows the trails you’re heading for.

It will survive plenty of knocks and tumbles and is fully waterproof, so you don’t even have to pull it off at the jet wash.

What’s not? It’s hard to read when on the move but just pull-up, take a quick sense check and you’re on you’re way again without having to take gloves on and off, and maps blowing away in the wind.

Rating: 4/5

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Marc Potter

By Marc Potter