Product review: Harley Davidson Legendary Performance eyewear

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Harley Davidson Legendary Performance eyewear, £46.39
Miles covered/time:
500 miles/one month

What’s good? Wrap around shades and a piss pot lid have become the official headwear of the Harley rider so when the big H-D put their shield on a pair of bins they need to be pretty good.

The Harley Legendary Performance sunglasses fit close to the face, straight arms slide comfortably between lid and head and the tint is severe enough for riding into a setting sun.

I’ve tested the glasses in an open face lid at over 90mph and my eyes didn’t’ stream. The glasses are claimed to be unbreakable.

I’ve twisted them in half, sat on them and stamped on them. Impressively they’re still in one piece.

Even though Harley make no special claim for the lenses they’re considerably thicker than normal sunglasses and are bonded to the frames when they're made rather than glued in afterwards, so should withstand the summer bug slaughter.

What’s not? For £46 with a lifetime warranty? They’re a bargain.

Rating: 5/5

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Ped Baker

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