Product review: S-Doc 100 Chain Cleaner

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S-Doc 100 Chain Cleaner (300ml), £9.38
Time owned:
Four months

What’s good? The single most common criticism thrown in S-Doc’s direction is that their gel cleaner is terribly expensive for the amount you get in the container.

This product, however, represents not only excellent value for money (this gets used on all manner of filthy objects, beyond wheels, swingarms and chains in the Abbott household, and is still more than half full), but also works brilliantly.

If you want to make light of that most time consuming and rag-destroyingly irritating jobs – cleaning excess lube and muck from your chain, rear wheel or untertray – then you’ll be needing some of this.

It’s as simple as spraying it on, leaving for a short while, then wiping off. Gleaming chain, gleaming wheel.

What’s not? Nothing. It’s a reasonably priced product from a brand I trust. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott