Product review: Acumen AcuTrac

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Acumen AcuTrac, from £349.99
Miles covered/time:
1500/three months

What’s good? The tracker unit itself is small and discreet, so it’s fairly easy to secrete on your bike (we’ve not photographed the unit here, so thieves won’t know what to look for).

Fitting can be done simply and easily, and takes around half an hour. The moment the power is connected a signal is activated, so every move of your bike can be tracked, designed to assist in its recovery should it be stolen.

It can also be set up to contact you via text message if the bike is on the move when it shouldn’t be.

It’s fun, too: I lent my Honda VFR1200 to Trevor Franklin for a road test in the Lake District, he was blissfully unaware as he rode off with the tracker updating me every 10 minutes of his whereabouts.

Through the day I was able to text him with his location within a few feet. This puzzled the poor old boy.

What’s not? The cost could be off-putting.

Rating: 4/5

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