Lidl oil filter removal band

Lidl oil filter removal band, £2.99
Time used:
Four months

What’s good: So many filters require special filter remover due to their inaccessible locations, normally inside a fairing behind a row of very hot exhaust pipes, as you have just warmed up the engine to change the oil.

This filter remover can cope with most filters from 50mm diameter up to 100mm as it is fully adjustable, the steel strap has pimples on it that push into the filter when tightened, to give it grip.

I particularly like the design of this one, because it can be operated by one hand whilst standing on your head, just so you can get your arm in between the engine and exhaust pipes.

Even in the tightest of spots it is possible to get the oil filter removal band on, and twist a minimum of a quarter of a turn until it is loose enough to be un-done by hand. Since

I bought this bargain of the century, I have seen the very same one in Halfords for £14.99, quite a difference. It is well worth keeping an eye on Lidl’s offers.

What’s not: It is fairly cheaply made, but then again, what do you expect for less than three quid?

Rating: 3/5

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