Moto Syberia DVD

Moto Syberia DVD, £19.99

Time watched: Two months

What's good: 'Three men with large penises' and 'muscle building montage' are perhaps not titles you would expect to see during a motorcycle adventure film, but both of these appear in Moto Syberia. If you haven’t seen it, you can probably guess that Moto Syberia isn’t exactly a serious adventure film. It’s simply three lads, riding three bikes from Poland to Magadan.

No support team, no camera crew and no sponsors to keep happy. It’s three lads riding bikes, because A, they can, and B, because it’s fun – exactly like the film. It’s motorcycling in its purest form and the film portrays this beautifully. But be warned, once you’ve watched it you WILL start planning your own adventure. If you’re a fan of proper DIY adventure, then this film is definitely for you.

What's not: At roughly one hour long it’s not nearly long enough.


Rating: 4/5

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