Forcefield Pro L2 back protector

Forcefield Pro L2 back protector, £94.99 on MCN shop

Andy Downes

Miles covered/time: 15,000 one year

What’s good: I owe my life in part to wearing a back protector and as a result I rarely ride without one. This Forcefield Pro L2 has been my almost constant companion in the year I’ve had it and so far it seems to be nearly faultless. Along with the obvious ‘back-protector’ element (the Forcefield achieves the maximum standard, Level 2) it’s vital they are comfortable.

Thankfully, the Pro L2 is totally unobtrusive in use. All you have to be careful of is making sure you have the right size (you can check online at I’ve worn this back protector for whole days of track riding, road riding and commuting and it’s really, really good and thoroughly recommended.

What’s not: Really nothing to worry about too much. On occasions the shoulder adjustment buckle has nipped my skin when moving around on a bike, which can be a bit unsettling but it’s only happened a few times.


Rating: 5/5