DVD review: Nick Sanders: The Incredible Ride DVD

What’s good: As soon as you fire up the DVD and see Mr Sanders’ slightly eccentric opening monologue involving a watermelon, you know the next few minutes are going to be entertaining.

There’s humour plastered throughout the relatively short, 52-minute running time and this latest material really gives us a glimpse into the current state of mind of the record breaking globetrotter. Nick’s latest trip through the Americas is a fast paced video diary of what it’s really like to be an adventurer.

We hear the traveller’s views and tips on important issues like isolation, sleep patterns and purpose and some of the footage captured is truly beautiful. Nick takes us to places we’d probably never see and shows us what the Yamaha Super Tenere is really capable of in the process.

The indisputable highlight though has to be when Nick meets ‘Wingnut’; a man who looks like he spends the majority of his time gargling Cillit-Bang. Definitely worth a watch.

What’s not? Sometimes feels too short and there are no special features to speak of.

Contact: www.nicksanders.com or 01733-840111
Rating: 4/5

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