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Trials Evolution, 1200 Microsoft Points (about £12)
Time used:
Three weeks

What's good? Pretty much everything. This is the sequel to the hugely popular and brilliant Trials HD, and as such takes everything that was good about that and takes it up to 11.

Levels are bigger, more fun/frustrating and the skill games have been taken to another level entirely, with UFOs, explosives and a ball-rolling challenge.

I purchased this and was planning on playing it for an hour or so, before playing something else with a mate. Hours later I was still at it and said friend was still waiting.

The level editor is now split in two, simple and pro. So if you want to try and create your own level, but don’t have the skill/patience to create something utterly amazing (all the standard levels were created using the in-game editor) you can easily jump in to the simple editor and create a level in less than an hour.

It’s a good, old-fashioned arcade game. Which is fun and, on the harder levels ridiculously frustrating. A must have if you own an Xbox 360.

What's not? I’ve had trouble connecting to multiplayer games quickly, at times.

Rating: 5/5

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