Product review: TomTom iPhone Western Europe satnav app

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TomTom iPhone Western Europe satnav app for Apple iPhone 4S £59.99
Time used:
Three years

What’s good: I’ve used this iPhone satellite navigation app for the past three years and it has always proved to be of great use and extremely accurate.

With constant map updates over the years it has also worked out to be cost effective as the maps are always current no matter where in the UK or Europe I have ridden.

A recent update has been the best to date with a new ‘Winding Roads’ option that has been specifically targeted at motorcyclists as it shows routes away from dull motorways.

Obviously an iPhone isn’t waterproof so it needs to be kept somewhere dry but I just use a tankbag. The drain on the battery is hefty so it does need power but I use an Ultimate Add Ons charger cable that costs £25 and takes power directly from the battery.

What’s not: You have to remove gloves to use it as the touchscreen won’t work with gloved fingers, but that’s about it. It is expensive buy in terms of the average App Store purchase but way cheaper than motorcycle specific satnavs.

Contact: Apple iTunes App Store
Rating: 5/5

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

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