Luggage review: Givi B47 Blade topbox and rack

Givi B47 Blade topbox and rack, £240 (approx.)
Miles covered/time:
700/six months

What’s good: My 1998 Honda CBR600F is my own bike and I need it to be practical so a topbox was pretty much essential. The new Givi B47 Blade is big enough for two full face lids, has remained completely waterproof in even the harshest of downpours and locks on easily and securely.

The quality of both the finish of the box and rack are top notch and the locking mechanism feels sturdy too.

What’s not: The instructions were frankly abysmal. A single A4 sheet of paper in black and white with the look of a document which had been photocopied about 3000 times were not good enough and really need to be updated.

I know the bike isn’t the newest but some decent instructions wouldn’t go amiss. I am going to give the instructions one star but the actual kit five stars!

Rating: 5/5 for the product; 1/5 for the instructions.


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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter