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Product Review: SDoc100 Chain Cleaner

SDoc100 Chain Cleaner, from £10

Time tested: one application

What’s good? I recently gave my bike a ‘big clean’ in readiness for winter proofing and needed to give the chain a going over. I’ve used other SDoc products and have always been pleased with the results so thought I’d give the chain cleaner a try. Applying the cleaner to the chain and leaving it to work for 15 minutes seemed to ensure that it worked and it helped to lift all the claggy lube that had built up over recent weeks. Removing the cleaner was easy afterwards and with the aid of a toothbrush, damp sponge and a little elbow grease the chain came up gleaming.

What’s not?  It’s a little bit more expensive than other cleaners on the market but I always think you get what you pay for and with this it’s really worth paying that little bit extra.


Quality Rating: 5/5

Value Rating: 4/5