Accessories Review: Gerber Octane Multi-tool

Gerber Octane Multi-tool, £44.99

Time tested: 18-months

What’s good? Anyone who’s ever been a boy scout feels a little bit lost without some sort of penknife or multi-tool close at hand, and I keep this one with me at all times. Bought to replace my 20 year-old Swiss Army knife that mysteriously went awol one day, this Gerber Octane does just about everything I need, without boasting 63 different functions, or weighing half a kilo. It does boast 10, most usefully including a lockable blade, pliers, flat and Phillips screwdrivers and wire cutters, and weighs next to naff-all (141 grams /5oz if you must know). The other nice touch is that it’s all single hand operable – so you can open any function, and close it again, with having to drop the thing you’re grappling with. I can’t claim to use it every day, or to have tried stripping an engine using nothing else but this, but for general bits of on the hoof tinkering and those (legal) occasions when your really need a little knife – it’s proved extremely handy, and durable.

What’s not? It’d be nice if it came with a little pouch to keep it from scratching, snagging or rubbing on anything else you might also have in your bag. It’s not cheap at £45, but I’d argue that you’re getting good quality for your outlay.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 3/5

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