Accessory Review: Granger’s G-Max Universal Footwear Proofer

Granger’s G-Max Universal Footwear Proofer, £5.99

Tester: Steve Farrell

Time/miles: One month/1000 miles

What’s good? The trouble with waterproof attire is that, sooner or later, it stops being waterproof. No one wants to chuck a costly pair of boots. In theory, this spray saves you that pain. Spray it onto damp, clean leather, and ‘maximum waterproofing’ will be restored. Also suitable for nubuck, suede and fabric, it was easy to apply and there’s enough in that 275ml container for a small army.

What’s not? Note the phrase ‘in theory’ above. The bottle says ‘original performance restored’. I’m not convinced about that. In prolonged rain my feet still get damp so the answer remains new boots or some over-boots (see below, left).


Rating: 3

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