Product Review: EDZ Innershell shirt

EDZ Innershell shirt, £50

Time tested: Three years/3000 miles

What’s good? This super-thin inner liner goes with me almost everywhere I ride. Thanks to its tiny dimensions when rolled up, and minimal weight of just 90 grams, I barely notice it stashed at the bottom of a rucksack or dropped into a pannier. The material is wind and shower proof, breathable and has a comfy fleece-lined collar and the protection it offers has been a massive bonus on several occasions where I have been caught out by swiftly dropping temperatures during warmer months while wearing leathers, or when I’ve not layered enough during the winter and need extra warmth. At one filthy wet Snetterton trackday it allowed me to carry on riding in the pouring rain while many others went home because they were cold and wet.

What’s not? It seems like a lot of money for something that seems so flimsy, but if I’d gone home early from the trackday where it kept me warm enough to ride then I would have lost more than the fifty quid price of this shirt.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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