Product Review: Interphone iLink Bluetooth adapter

Interphone iLink Bluetooth Adapter, £53.99

Time Tested: Two years

What's good? Like many people I have an iPol with all my music on, but mine doesn not come with Bluetooth. I have a crash helmet with Bluetooth microphone and speakers that I normally use to listen to directions from my sat-nave. It was only when travling throught the internet that I discovered this fantiastic piece of kit, which plugs into the bottom of my iPod to make it Bluetooth compatible with no fuss and no need for its own batteries. The moment it's plugged in the blue light flashes on and off, then I just press play on the iPod and it's ready to pair up with the Bluetooth intercom. Within a couple of minutes I'm listening to all my favourite tunes - what could be better?

What's not? At £53.99 is not chap, but after a long ride listening to all my favourite music, it makes it well worth the money.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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