Product review: EDZ extra-warm neckwarmer

EDZ extra warm fleece neck warmer, £10
Andy Downes
Time tested: Five years
What’s good? This is my default neck warmer when the temperature really drops; anything below about 5C and this EDZ fleece neckwarmer becomes an essential bit of kit and works brilliantly at keeping out the worst of the cold. It’s been in my box of neckwarmers for the past five years (at least) and still functions exactly as it did when it was brand new. What more could you ask for from a £10 bit of kit. The latest versions are a bit longer than mine which might even improve how they work but I have no complaints on that front. It dries off quickly when wet too. There are windproof and thinner versions available from EDZ too.
What’s not? The thickness of the fleece material can restrict your neck movement as it bunches up inside a jacket when you are turning your head a lot in busy traffic. It’s isn’t wind proof (nor does it claim to be but EDZ sells a version that is for £15) but I have ridden in -6C and it was still great.
Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 5/5