Product Review: AutoGlym Super Resin polish 500ml

AutoGlym Super Resin polish 500ml £10.99

Time tested Six months

What’s good? This polish is brilliant at keeping the deep gloss curves of my black Hayabusa gleaming. I also love the way it makes rainwater bead up and run off and how it keeps the bike that little bit cleaner for longer. Hardly unusual you might think, and you’d be right. However, what’s different about AutoGlym Super Resin is just how easy it is to use; a little bit of light buffing (and I do mean light) removes the applied polish to leave behind a lustrous finish – it’s the reason I use it so much, if it was any effort I wouldn’t be so bothered and my bike wouldn’t be so shiny. 

What’s not? Once you’ve seen the cracking results, you end up getting a bit addicted and so the bike gets a coat, so does the car, the van, the caravan… and you can end up using quite a fair bit.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 4/5

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