Product Review: Reed Chill Cheater Transpire Fleece top and trousers

Reed Chill Cheater Transpire Fleece top and trousers, £35, £41

Time tested: Five months/ 6000 miles

What’s good? For my 100-mile daily commute I always pick the Transpire fleece set over all the other thermals I’ve tested. I wear a t-shirt, the Transpire top and then my bike jacket, which together are more than enough to keep me warm. The gear is made of stretchy material and it’s soft to the touch, which makes it extra comfy as I don’t like that restricted feeling a lot of thermals give. The trousers have a high waistline and the top falls quite low so it has the function of a one-piece with the practicality of a two-piece. It also does a good job of wicking moisture when worn directly on the skin. The fleece set is a well thought out, comfortable and warm bit of kit for a very reasonable price.  They’ve seen me through sub-zero temperatures and the long ride to the German-Czech border for the Elephant Rally in winter.

What’s not? I can’t find any faults with this set. They are the ideal companion for any winter rider.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating:  5/5

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