Product Review: Oxford Warm Dry top and bottom

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Oxford Warm Dry top (£29.99) and bottoms (£29.99)

Time tested: 3600 miles/three months

What’s good? It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether base layers – especially ones designed to keep you warm – work, but these Oxford base layers definitely take the chill off. Their presence is especially felt on my legs. The foot loops on the bottom of the trousers stop the legs from rolling up when you put your boots on, which is a nice touch – thumb loops on the arms would be good, too. In the time I’ve owned them they’ve been washed once and they don’t smell bad so the anti-odour technology works. These base layers are those products that you don’t really notice – they just do their job exactly as advertised. They’re not exceptional, but I wouldn’t leave the house without them on a long journey from autumn through to Spring. I’m still using them now on long trips up and down motorways. On top of this they’re incredibly comfy and feel nice and soft against your skin.

What’s not? The stitching has come completely undone on one of the sleeves – I can only assume it kept getting caught on Velcro and zips. They work really well at keeping the heat in at slower speeds around town to the point of being too warm – they’re perhaps more suited to open road use.

Quality rating: 3/5
Value rating: 3/5

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

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