Product Reivew: Halfords Professional 9-piece Allen Key set

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Halfords Professional 9-piece Allen Key set, £19.99

Time tested: Four years

What’s good? There’s plenty of snobbery in the tool world, and I’m pretty guilty of it myself, but Halfords’ Professional range deserves consideration. Not only does it all come with a lifetime guarantee, but it’s actually worth using. This snap-together Allen key set is an invaluable ingredient in my tool chest, and while I use T-bar or socket Allen keys for most jobs, there are fiddly tasks for which only a sleek L-shaped key will reach the spot. Moreover, this set – which contains all the usual and most used sizes – really does hit the spot. The keys are all accurately sized (I’ve measured them with calipers), and made of sturdy stuff, meaning no deformation, snapping, or bending when removing stubborn bolts. They fit properly too, which means I’ve never rounded a single bolt head with this set. The plastic clip for holding them all together is very useful, and has all the sizes marked on it too. I’d recommend them to anyone – it’s a great set, at a very reasonable price.

What’s not? Nothing really – it just doesn’t say Snap-On on them.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 5/5

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Richard Newland

By Richard Newland