Product Review: Oxford Lifetime X4 Tankbag (£79.99)

What’s good about the Oxford Lifetime X4 Tankbag?

This bag comes with a bracket that permanently remains in place, fitted to the fuel cap surround. Fitting it is just a case of removing the original screws and replacing them with the slightly longer ones included in the fitting kit with the tankbag. The same bracket fits a wide range of Oxford tankbags and I've been testing the four-litre version on my daily commute to the office. It has plenty of capacity to fit my essential items, including lunch.

And what’s not?

So far there haven't been any issues but I am a little concerned over how well the plastic mechanism that fits the bag to the bracket will wear. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, which gives me peace of mind that if there are any issues they will be addressed.

Time tested

Four months/1100 miles


Quality rating


Value rating