Product Review: Wiz kneesliders

Wiz kneesliders £25

Tester: Michael Neeves

Time used: 12 years

What’s good? I’ve been scraping Wiz kneesliders since the late 1980s and they’ve always impressed me. You never forget your first knee-down moment and it’s still a thrill when you do it again a million times later. I used to use their lurid lumo leather sliders back in the day, because they looked just like the exotic Taichi and Nankai versions of the time – but for the past 13 years as a road tester at MCN I’ve used these plastic versions. They’re excellent quality and most importantly give a nice safe feeling during touch-down. They don’t grab like leather sliders and aren’t too Teflon-like, like some hard plastic ones, which can rob you of feel. They last a decent amount of time, depending on how abrasive the track is, and how knee-down-giddy you are. The Velcro backing is securely fixed to the plastic slider and they hook-up well all the leathers I’ve ever worn. They come in a dizzying array of different designs and colours, too.

What’s not? They’re perfect.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5


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