Product Review: MotoGP Season Review 2015 by Julian Ryder (£35)

What’s good about the MotoGP Season Review 2015?

The 2015 MotoGP season was a nail-biter and this season review covers every round with details of qualifying and a full race report including facts and figures. It’s informative, but not too anoraky and great to read before the 2016 season kicks off. One element I really enjoyed was the feature on Riders’ Rider of the Year - every rider who participates in more than one round of MotoGP votes in an annual poll. Turns out the riders voted for Valentino Rossi as the Rider of 2015, and it’s nice to see they think the same as me! There’s technical analysis of all the bikes plus a round-up of all the riders. These chapters don’t go into too much depth but give a general overview that isn’t too techy but is informative and interesting.

And what’s not?

It’s a little bit pricey. Whilst Moto2 and Moto3 races are featured they are not covered in depth and with the Moto3 in particular being such an entertaining class that’s a shame.

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