Product Review: Mike Edwards online circuit guides (£25 per circuit)

What’s good about Mike Edwards online circuit guides?

Mike ‘Spike’ Edwards has a successful racing career spanning 33 years and counting and he’s an ACU road racing coach, offering riders on-track instruction, as well as producing DVD track guides. Now his guides are available to download to a phone or tablet, so you can watch them at the track. There are eight UK and eight European tracks to choose from. I downloaded the Rockingham guide, which is narrated by Edwards over onboard action footage. He explains, in simple steps, the reference points he looks out for, the lines he takes and where he places his bike on-track. I’ve ridden Rockingham for years and still learned loads.

And what’s not?

These guides are very useful, but only half of what you need to lap a track with speed and safely. Things like body position and bike control make up the other half and can be best learned with Mike in person, or with schools like the California Superbike School, Motovudu or the Honda Ron Haslam Race School.

Time tested

Two months


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