RiDE review: Givi EA107 bag

The Givi strapping system is simple to use but does get a bit fiddly when hands are cold, the visor’s misting up and all you want is to get indoors quickly. Very secure on the bike though.

Capacity is good and it’s a practical bag taking plenty of kit in useful pockets for
a weekend away. A good example of this type of bag at a reasonable price. It’s adequately showerproof and in turn fully waterproof with its ample-sized rain cover fitted.

Buy the Givi EA107 bag here.

Givi EA107 bag

Price: £64.32 

 Claimed capacity: 35L 

 Expandable: No

Rain cover: Yes 

 Waterproof inner: No 

 External pockets: 2

Shoulder strap: Yes

Carry handle: Yes

Ease of fitting: 4/5

Stability: 5/5

Loading: 5/5

Waterproofing: 4/5