Product Review: Overboard phone bike mount (£39.99)

What’s good about the Overboard phone bike mount?

I used Overboard’s standard waterproof phone case back in 2014 for about 7000 miles. It’s a fantastic bit of kit which keeps your phone 100% dry (I tested it in my bathtub) and is guaranteed to a six-metre depth. Now the firm has released a new case with a bike mount attached. If you don’t want to fork out for a sat-nav but have a GPS set-up on your phone then this makes a great alternative. It’s easy to attach and remove. It’s stable and doesn’t shake, even at motorway speeds and keeps your phone dry and dust free.

And what’s not?

You can still use your touch-sensitive phone through the case, but not with a gloved hand. The only other hindrance is sun glare, which means on bright days it’s hard to see the screen.

Time tested

Four months/2000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating



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