Product Review: Leather Genie balsam (£12.99)

What’s good about Leather Genie balsam?

An old brown leather jacket I have had hanging up on the back of my workshop door for ages, which had become dry and almost flaky looking, is now back in use. I had fallen out of love with it, but this pot of Leather Genie brought it back to life. After a couple of coatings (it was very dried out) my jacket was back to its original lustre and is now as supple as a yoga teacher. Leather Genie also helps the leather repel water and moisture, so it’s great if you’re caught out in a shower. I have also applied it to some old boots and a pair of gloves and it had the same great effect.

And what’s not?

If you get it on your hands it also helps them repel water and moisture, making it difficult to wash your hands afterwards. A pair of surgical gloves is the perfect solution to this issue.

Time tested

Two treated jackets, one pair of boots and one pair of gloves


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