Product Review: Gear Gremlin intelligent 12v battery charger (£49.99)

What’s good about the Gear Gremlin intelligent 12v battery charger?

This intelligent charger has been working to keep the battery charged and maintained on my own Yamaha MT-07 while I have been riding work bikes and it has been working almost constantly since Spring 2015. I had a bad experience in the past when a cheap charger fried a battery on my old Honda CBR600F-W so I’ve been hesitant to try cheap ones since. There have been no such issues with this charger, which constantly checks the charge of the battery and tops up when necessary. The unit will work to recover depleted batteries even if they have sulphated. It works on all sorts of 12v battery types.

And what’s not?

The battery lead that connects to the charger has no waterproof cover so when riding in poor weather or washing the bike it gets wet. I have done my best to tuck it out of the way but there’s a limit to where it can be hidden yet still be accessible. Other chargers I have used have a removable cover on the charging plug.

Time tested

Nine months


Quality rating


Value rating