Product Review: Oxford Protex Stretch Outdoor Bike cover (from £79.99)

What’s good about the Oxford Protex Stretch Outdoor Bike cover?

I love a well thought out product and something as simple as a bike cover can get overlooked. Just pick up this Oxford cover and it feels good, soft on the inside to avoid scratching paintwork and a stretchy material to help the cover cling to the bike. Even in high winds, when I have forgotten to connect the adjustable belly strap, it has remained snugly over the bike and at the same time kept it dry. The elasticated bottom edge helps to keep it in place too. If you’re covering your bike up in a location where the numberplate must be visible, there is a plastic window in the rear of the cover with what I can only describe as a roll-up blind that can be left up or down. Both ends of the cover have very handy pouches to keep padlocks off the ground. Other details include neatly seamed lock holes to thread a chain through, and a panel in the top that can house an Oxford solar battery charger panel. Then there are reflective panels to help make sure your bike is seen at night as well as air-vents to reduce condensation. It’s a quality product.

And what’s not?

The only thing that has deteriorated on this is the colour - what started off as raven black has now gone an inky blue/purple, but it has spent a year out in the sunshine.

Time tested

Four months/2500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating