Product Review: AIM Mychron 5 GPS dash and datalogger (£354)

What’s good about the AIM Mychron 5 GPS dash and datalogger?

This Mychron 5 dash has all the looks and functionality of something that should cost much more, in fact I originally thought the price was a misprint and was missing a nought off the end! Fitted to my 2004 Honda RS125 race bike, it provides all my basic water temperature and engine speed information, but it also packs a powerful GPS-based datalogger and lap timing function, and can send all the data to a laptop via wifi so I can analyse laps at the end of the session. There’s no complicated set-up process – simply pre-load the Mychron with the tracks you visit most often from AIM’s European-wide database of circuits, and the dash instantly recognises where it is and starts giving you your laptimes. It even gives sector times, lighting up a series of LEDs above the screen as you ride through each sector – green indicates a personal best, red indicates you’ve lost time. It makes putting together a fast lap almost like a video game as you strive for a row of green lights. Even if you take the dash to a circuit not listed on its database, the track-learning feature maps the new circuit within a few laps and starts giving your times. After your session you can then access this information, name the track, set the correct start/finish line, and add your own sectors then save it in the database for your next visit. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that will easily last a full day of GPS use before requiring a recharge. It’s the most easy to use, well-built and powerful system of its kind that I have used, and it’s well worth the money.

And what’s not?

As this system has been designed for karts, the rev counter and shift light function is taken from a pick-up fitted to the HT lead, so riders of more modern/complex bikes won’t be able to use this element of the dash but will still be able to use it as a GPS datalogger/lap timer.

Time tested

Two months


Quality rating


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