Product Review: Kriega R15 Backpack (£85)

What’s good about the Kriega R15 Backpack?

Motorcycling is full to the brim with products, but it’s the exception rather than the rule that you find something completely fit for purpose. This Kriega R15 rucksack is a shining. I used this one for a year competing in the All Terrain Rally Challenge, where it doubled up as a hydro pack by adding Kriega’s three-litre Hydrapak reservoir 3L (£29) while giving me the capacity to carry tools, rags, spare gloves and goggles. The shoulder straps are more akin to a harness, which means the fully loaded bag is easy to carry and never makes my shoulders ache. The additional waist strap ensures the bag remained secure when the going gets really tough. It also has a fully waterproof internal pocket for valuables.

And what’s not?

This is a piece of kit that is genuinely hard to fault. You could baulk at the £85 price tag for a rucksack, but you get what you pay for in this world and this is an item that I expect to last for years to come.

Time tested

One year/1000 off-road miles


Quality rating


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