Product Review: Oxford W2 Waist Bag (£21.99)

What’s good about the Oxford W2 Waist Bag?

I feel like Batman wearing a utility belt, it’s a great bit of kit. I’m riding a Harley-Davidson this year, which doesn’t lend itself to fitting a tankbag, so I’ve needed an alternative way to carry essential bits and pieces. The waist bag has a two-litre capacity that holds a phone, purse and bottle of water but it’s not so big that I overpack and end up with a heavy weight around my waist. The waist strap is fully adjustable and fits snugly plus there is a visor carrier, I’ve not used it yet but it’s handy to have.

And what’s not?

I recently got caught in two days of torrential rain whilst on a mini-break and the bag let water in. It doesn’t claim to be waterproof so I should have thought to pop my bits and pieces in a plastic bag inside the bag.

Time tested

Two months/1300 miles


Quality rating


Value rating