Petzl Tikkina head torch review (£13.11)

What’s good about the Petzl Tikkina head torch?

This is very much at the budget end of the head-torch spectrum, but I took the plunge on the basis that it was from a solid brand, and had attracted a lot of five-star reviews on Amazon. And I’ve not been disappointed. I use this predominantly for workshop duties, either hand-holding it, or more often strapping it to my noggin and enjoying hands-free illumination in difficult-to-reach places. When working on bikes it’s proved invaluable time and again. One click gets you illuminated, a second click gets a seriously bright light, and a third switches it off again. It’s also angle-adjustable, which is a useful feature, and runs on three AAA batteries, which last several months of regular use. Build quality is higher than you’d expect at this price, while it is obviously unlikely to outlive most of its owners. The head strap is comfortable, adjustable, and also washable, while the beam of light is a good compromise: wide enough for general lighting, and focused enough for detail work. A great budget-priced workshop (and walking / camping / DIYing / etc) piece of kit that is worth way more than the price tag suggests.

And what’s not?

Honestly, I can’t fault it.

Time tested

Eight months


Quality rating


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