Powerhouse brake caliper refurb service reviewed (£154)

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What’s good about the Powerhouse brake caliper refurb service?

This great value service treats tired, corroded, scuffed and seized brake calipers to a new lease of life. The pair of Tokico calipers on my 1990 Kawasaki KR-1S had suffered a hard life; the seals were old and hard, the paint was worn and there was a fair bit of corrosion. At first I toyed with the idea of refreshing them myself – stripping the calipers, cleaning them up, spraying them with paint, then refitting new seals. But I soon realised that without the specialist tools, knowledge or indeed skill, I’d end up making them look worse than they did to begin with, not to mention potentially risking doing something wrong. So the Powerhouse one-stop-shop brake caliper refurb service came as a bit of a godsend. I simply removed my calipers, packaged them up and posted them directly to their Chesterfield workshop. Once there, Powerhouse technicians assessed them, stripped them back to bare metal, cleaned the years of corrosion away, recoated the caliper bodies with fresh gold paint then fitted new seals, bleed nipples and bolts. Two weeks later they were posted back to me looking and performing better than new. Happily, my caliper pistons were in serviceable condition so didn’t need replacing, but if they had Powerhouse say they would’ve sent me pictures of them before proceeding with fitting replacements (at a cost of between £13 and £20 each). My pair of four-pot calipers cost £154 to be completely overhauled, which I think is pretty reasonable given the parts, labour and care that’s gone into them.

And what’s not?

You’ll have to wait an average of two weeks to get your calipers back, so you’ll need to be patient. However, Powerhouse also offer an exchange service on some models of popular calipers, and can even send you a pair out in advance if you can’t be without your bike for any length of time.

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Emma Franklin

By Emma Franklin

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