Floreat Energies Lithium Phosphate Racing Battery RBF400 and charger review (£249.99 & £67.20)

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What’s good about the Floreat Energies Lithium Phosphate Racing Battery RBF400 and charger?

Utilising Lithium Phosphate technology, this top-end British-built battery delivers significantly better starting performance than a traditional lead-acid battery. Floreat Energies claim up to six times the performance of an equal-size conventional battery while offering a dramatic weight saving of over 50%. I fitted it in an effort to reduce overall weight of the AJP PR5RR Rally bike I raced last year in the All Terrain Rally Championship. This battery weighs in at 1.05kg meaning a weight saving of 1.2kg over the same size lead battery. It delivered faultless performance even when the bike developed a fuel pump problem in the Cambrian Rally, which put a huge demand on the electric start.

And what’s not?

The only downside to this technology is the cost. In terms of performance it’s a cut above and represents a significant weight saving if you’re competing, especially on a bike weighing just over 100kg. And while it is expensive at £250, shedding 1kg from your bike through the use of titanium bolts or carbon fibre would cost a lot more.

Time tested

Nine months/600 off-road miles



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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider