Oxford Aqua 12 rucksack review (£39.99)

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What’s good about the Oxford Aqua 12 rucksack?

It’s bright, retina-burningly bright, but that means it stands out well against my black riding gear. The size of the bag is great, it’s only 12 litres but it holds my gym kit, lunch and other essentials for the commute to work. Also, because of the size there’s no fear I’ll overpack and carry un-necessary crap, which is a habit of mine if I have space!

And what’s not?

The little pocket on the front is pointless, it’s too small to be of any use and I think it would have been a better idea it not have it at all. The sternum strap has too long an end on it, so the loose end flaps when riding, which is annoying.

Time tested

Four months/2800 miless



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