Review: SW Motech Legend Gear LS2 saddle bags

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Time tested: Five months/2650 miles

What’s good? The canvas outer bags are sturdy, have some great detailing, and the waterproof inner bags are exactly that – waterproof. There’s easily enough space in them for a mini-break’s worth of kit, and as they’re soft I can contort them to fit almost any item I want to carry, including an open-face lid.

What’s not? The way the bags fit to the bike is over complicated. There is a harness that secures to the pillion seat, this in itself is easy enough to fit, it’s how the bags fit to the harness that’s fiddly. The bags attach with lovely-looking S-shaped metal hooks that are at best a pain and at worst nail breakingly annoying. If you fit the hooks the wrong way round the bag also starts to work free from the fixings; this doesn’t cause a massive issue as there are webbing straps anchoring the bag to frame for extra security but it doesn’t instil you with confidence.


Quality: 3/5
Value: 3/5 

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By Alison Silcox

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