Product review: Muc-Off Ultimate valet kit

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Plenty of products to get your bike spick and span, but is the kit any good?

Time tested Three months

Price £89.00 

What’s good?

The kit contains six aerosols, brushes, a microfibre cloth, sponge and a bottle of pre-wash spray cleaner. The Soft Washing Brush bristles are fluffed up on the ends so they don’t scratch paintwork. All the products work well, especially the degreaser that makes short work of caked-on chain lube. The case is roomy enough to stash a couple of additional products in, too.


What’s not

The claw brush is too flimsy and lost some of its bristles the first time I used it. An option to swap out products when ordering would be good too so you could have a bespoke kit rather than get what you're given. I'd prefer one less polish and an additional pre-wash cleaner.

Quality 3/5
Value 3/5       

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