Product review: Venhill 1/4 inch square ratchet handle

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Time tested: One year

What’s good? I have to put my hand up to being a bit of a tool nut, and enjoy having the right tool for the job. This Venhill swivel ratchet has pride of place on my tool board in my workshop. It comes into its own when I’m trying to access a hard-to-reach nut or bolt. I hate it when there is only enough room to get just one click of the ratchet at a time, with this little beauty, once the nut is loose I am able to hold the handle straight and almost spin the nut off. Well made and very nicely finished it has a 270-degree swivel head and quick-release button. At only 145mm in length it’s very neat.

What’s not? So far, nothing to report.

Price: £15.38


Quality: 5/5
Value: 5/5 


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