Product review: Tru-Tension BananaSlip Motorcycle Chain Lube

Tester Dan Sutherland

Time tested Two months

With an average weekly commute of around 600 miles, keeping my chain both well-adjusted and lubricated is imperative.

For the past two months, I have been using this BananaSlip lube from Tru-Tension and I have been quite impressed. Designed to withstand frequent gear changing, it has performed well in all weathers in a variety of scenarios, only requiring a quick top-up during my bike’s weekly wash.

As well as keeping my chain safe, the spray is relatively discreet, spraying on in a clear formula and leaving behind no unsightly waxy finish, or residue. As an added twist, it is also banana scented which – whilst being quite pungent – genuinely smells like the desired fruit.

Unfortunately, when applied to a cold chain, it does have a tendency to flick, covering the left-hand-side of the tail unit and the rear wheel in tiny, greasy splodges. 

Price £9.99

Quality Three stars

Value Three stars


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Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

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