You'll look like a top banana with these top 5 Hi-Vis suits!

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It goes without saying, staying visible remains one of the most important safety aspects when riding. Obvs. 

Further from that, styling yourself around a Hi-Vis jacket/vest, let alone a suit, can be rather tricky too. Your Guy Martin AGV K3-SV helmet surely won't go either, right?

Don't worry, we've got five options, that won't make you look like a top banana and will keep you in sight to other road users. 

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Richa Typhoon RainsuitRicha Typhoon Rain Overall

This particular waterproof oversuit with high visibility panels is perfect for keeping you visible. If riding at night or on tight country roads, this is the ideal suit to make your presence on the road known to others. That and your sexy exhaust note, of course.



RST Waterproof SuitRST Waterproof 1 Piece Suit

Instead of igniting a small fire or placing cheese wire between trees over the road, let others know you are riding with this waterproof over suit featuring fluorescent panels. It’s also easier than going to jail over decapitations when you get the cheese wire ploy wrong…



Weise Tempest High Viz SuitWeise Tempest Hi-Vis Unlined Oversuit

With high-vis panels and a fully waterproof cover, with taped and welded seams, this suit will keep you in sight, warm and dry. There’s also a full length off-set chest to leg zip, making it easy to jump out of – especially if nature suddenly calls.



Held Splash High Viz SuitHeld Splash Rain Suit

Employing a nylon outer shell paired with a mesh lined upper body, the Held Splash rain suit does what it says on the tin. Keeping you dry, safe and noticeable. A bit like a car does, but seeing as you have style, you chose a bike instead.



Buffalo High Viz SuitBuffalo Mistrl 1-Piece Rain Suit

Looking for a diagonal zipped rain suit to feel stylish when you arrive, or hide food and stolen artefacts quickly? This is the suit for you. There is also a wide leg gusset, good for hiding cutlery, and an internal storage bag, good for keeping things out of sight and out of the weather.


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