Top 4 knee sliders for under £30

MCN Shop

These are the best value knee sliders currently available at MCN Shop.


Oxford Rok Drop Sparkie, £26.99

If you’re self-conscious about your knee-down activities, these aren’t the sliders for you. Metal bars embedded in each puck will create sparks when they come into contact with the ground. 



Held Knee Sliders, £29.99

Plastic kneesliders that come in red, black or white on a black backing and have a loop that makes it easier to remove the sliders from the Velcro panel on your suit. The positioning of the Held logo means they will look a little odd if used on the ‘wrong’ legs.



R&G Racing Knee Sliders, £25.99

Sliders from the folks who are better known for keeping vulnerable bike bits off the ground. They come in medium compound plastic and can be swapped between knees to keep wear even between left and right.



Gear Gremlin Knee Sliders, £19.99

Cheap and cheerful sliders that come in a choice of four colours – black, red, yellow or blue. They’re simple affairs with a plastic puck on a Velcro backing and can be used on either knee so you can make sure you wear each out at the same time.