Product Review: Shock Factory M-Shock for BMW K1 (£350)

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What’s good about the Shock Factory M-Shock?

The aftermarket shock on my BMW K1 was completely shot and on an oddball bike such as mine, choices for upgrades are limited. The price of a rebuild on the aftermarket airshock fitted when I bought the bike was very expensive so I went for the Shock Factory option. The M-Shock is a beautiful bit of metalwork and the quality is amazing. Each shock is set-up for the rider’s weight. The handling transformation it’s created over the old shock is brilliant. It’s fully adjustable and good value too when compared to a stock BMW part.

And what’s not?

Having plush rear suspension has revealed how the forks need a service and rebuild to bring them up the same standard. I think 26 years of use has seen the best of the forks. Fitting a new shock was a pain because of the K1 bodywork, but that’s nothing to do with the shock and would have been the same regardless of which one I’d fitted.

Time tested

Six months/2500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating


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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter