Review: Weise Venus ladies jacket

I've been testing the Weise Venus ladies jacket (RRP £169.99) over four months now and have covered 700 miles.

Here's what I think so far...

The review — What’s good?

The jacket fits well and having ridden through the depths of winter I’ve found that, with the detachable thermal lining in place, the jacket is plenty warm enough. I’ve been caught in some hideous storms and remained dry. The detachable collar adds to the looks of the jacket, but it was removed after the first ride, as I found it a little irritating. The zips are substantial and don’t let in water.

What’s not good about the Weise jacket?

I could do with it being fractionally longer in the sleeve. When riding my scooter my arms are in a pretty neutral position and it’s fine. However, as soon as I ride a bike with a more sporty riding position,with arms extended, it does have a tendency to ride up and be a little draughty.


Quality: ★★★★

Value: ★★★★