MCN's new buying and selling app! #MCNWallet

Published: 16 August 2017

MCN Wallet App

MCN has created a new app with you in mind. Well, for all of you interested in buying and selling used motorbikes privately that is...welcome MCN Wallet

It's a new app which helps you buy and/or sell a bike without the worry of handling large amounts of cash. MCN conducted some research which discovered that you, our wonderful MCN users, suggested that you were conscious of the risk of buying privately. 

Buyers and sellers — No need to carry cash

In our research we uncovered that, buyers were worried about withdrawing large amounts of cash and taking it with them to buy a bike. While sellers were concerned with having the cash lying around after the transaction. 

So we listened to you and have made it easier. All you need now is our brand spanking new app — #MCNWallet — to complete your transaction.

Download the MCN Wallet on App Store or Google Play Store now.

What's the MCN Wallet app all about?

  • Free to download and free to use - unlike other payment transfer apps, MCN Wallet does not charge any transaction fees 
  • No need to carry cash - upload funds to your account using your debit card 
  • Secure - payments are made using our trusted partner, Caxton FX, regulated by the FCA 
  • It's fast - funds are transferred instantly between buyer and seller