7 things not to buy a biker this Christmas

With Christmas looming large, you might be trying to think of that perfect gift to give to the biker in your life. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone’s face drop as they find an underwhelming gift beneath the wrapping paper.

Obviously, MCN doesn’t know your loved ones as well as you do so this is just a guideline, but to help you avoid a potential disappointment here’s a list of what not to buy a motorcyclist this festive season.

Merchandise for the wrong rider

A Rossi shirt could cause a riot in a Marquez household

Merch can make a great gift, but if you’re not sure which rider your intended recipient supports, either find out or steer clear. Giving a Marc Marquez shirt to a diehard Rossi fan will not lead to a peaceful Christmas Day.

It's also worth bearing in mind that a lot of riders will be racing for new teams next season, so some of the merchandise being sold off cheap will be out of date.

If you're sure you've got it right you can find the Valentino Rossi T-shirt shown above by clicking the button below.

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Motorbike accessories they’ve not asked for

Accessories are a very personal thing

Bikers can be a very particular bunch, especially where their motorbikes are concerned. Before bolting on an accessory, months of painstaking research will have been undertaken, scouring the internet for product reviews and asking fellow bikers in Facebook groups for opinions.

And it's not just the quality or performance of a part that matters, it need to look right, too. If you (with all the right intentions) present them with an unexpected tank-pad, lever set or double bubble screen don’t be surprised if it never gets fitted.

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Motorbike ties/cufflinks/necklaces

Motorbike-themed formal wear can be a miss

T-shirts, socks and hats with a motorbike theme are one thing, but items we wear to more formal occasions and jewellery can come off looking a bit naff.

Everyone has their own taste and that’s fine, but if you’ve never seen the person wearing a tie covered in Harley-Davidsons or a silver Hayabusa pendant then don’t assume they need one.

If, however, this looks right up your gift recipient's street, find the tie pictured via the button below.

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Motorbike versions of everyday objects

Not everything needs to look like a motorbike!

This sort of thing works for the office secret Santa, but let’s leave it there. No one really wants a motorbike pizza cutter, clock or cutlery set, do they?

If you've drawn a biker in a secret Santa or you need a little stocking-filler, click the button below to find a motorbike-shaped pizza cuter.

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Bargain basement kit

These Leopard helmets retail for around £23.95 (including delivery)

If you are reading this, you probably have access to the internet. It’s easy to find astonishingly cheap bike kit online these days, but don’t be tempted into buying someone a piece of kit if it seems too good to be true.

Top-end helmets can cost upwards of £800, so be wary of anything that seems too much of a bargain. Ditto for jackets, boots, gloves etc.

That’s not to say there isn’t good kit available at reasonable prices but read the reviews and look for CE certification on clothing or BSI Kitemarks on helmets.

The open-face helmet above meets the legal requirements for use on the road and is available via the button below.

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Motorbike themed food and drink

Novelty chocolates aren't usually too tasty

There's lots of products out there with a motorbike twist, from wine and beer, to pyjamas and slippers. 

And while a motorbike shaped bottle of wine may well end up collecting dust at the back of a cupboard, it's the thought that counts.

So, if you are absolutely determined that your loved one needs motorbike shaped chocolate, find some by clicking the button below.

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Cheap tools

This 6-piece spanner set is available for just 89p

As with motorbike kit (see 5) there’s a reason that quality tools are expensive. A cheap spanner set may seem like a great gift, but they’ll be consigned to the back of the shed before you can say ‘rounded bolthead’.

Stick to good quality tools from recognised manufacturers and read the reviews. A small set of good quality kit will be received much more gratefully than a 200-piece tray of low-quality gear.

As with the rest of the list, the decision is entirely up to you and the spanner set shown is available via the button below.

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