Ride reviews: Oxford Premium rear stand

This is a sturdy stand that will fit almost any bike and comes with both cups and forks. The forks are a good shape for different bobbin diameters, though the cups can turn when engaging if you’re not careful. It’s a wide stand and even the 190-tyred Z1000 needed the fork arms to be fully extended. It’s quite long, which gives decent leverage to make lifting easy – though there is a little flex, as the bolt holes where the three parts bolt together are too big even if bolts are really tight. Rubber wheels give good grip on solid floor or bike ramp.


Construction: Powder-coated steel tube, rubber wheels  
Raises by: 80mm
Contact www.oxfordproducts.com
Price £69.99


Quality 7/10
Ease of use 8/10
Versatility 9/10
Stability 7/10

Overall 31/40

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